Month: June 2020

Speaker Nancy Pelosi Just Crossed The Line – She Pins The Blame On Republicans For George Floyd

The country has been reeling ever since the death of George Floyd. Protests gave thanks to nights of violence. Today, many regions suffer as anarchists topple statues or deface monuments. This, albeit those liable for Floyd’s death were arrested and therefore the case is ongoing. But Democrat Nancy Pelosi seems to possess come to a […]

Dr. Fauci Claims It’s ‘Possible’ That Americans Will Be Forced to Carry ‘Certificates of Immunity’

Dr. Anthony Fauci confirmed Friday the thought of usa citizens carrying “certificates of immunity” is being considered as an opportunity to spot people that are infected with the coronavirus and help reopen the U.S. economy within the coming weeks. “Can you imagine a time where Americans carry certificates of immunity?” CNN “New Day” host Alisyn […]

Nancy Pelosi Refuses To Apologize To Senate GOP For Claiming They Are ‘Trying To Get Away With Murder’

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is refusing to apologize for her scandalous comments about the Senate GOP and police reform. Pelosi infamously said recently that Republicans were “trying to urge away with murder, the murder of George Floyd.” She doesn’t care if she loses credibility as long as she will pretend to try to to something […]

Biden says he’d use executive powers to force Americans to wear masks in public

Former vice chairman Joe Biden said he “would do everything possible” to make sure that Americans wear masks publicly if elected president. Biden, the presumptive Democratic nominee, told CBS Pittsburgh station KDKA that wearing a mask publicly helps to slow the spread of the coronavirus. “I would return to creating sure that everyone had masks,” […]

Bill Barr Silences Jerry Nadler After Jerry Said He May Impeach AG Barr: “Ridiculous on its face”

Jerry Nadler is back within the news for more incompetence and failed leadership. he’s beginning publicly saying that he may attempt to impeach Attorney General Bill Barr. Nadler thinks Barr is favoring Trump’s friends and associates but the record doesn’t fit Nadler’s narrative. “And what did the judge ultimately do?” DOJ spokeswoman Kerry Kupec asked […]

Nancy Pelosi Loses It On Live TV – Video Shows Her “10-Second Brain Freeze”

Joe Biden and Nancy Pelosi want to run our country, come next year. But they both have some serious communication problems.It looks like the two (aged) Democrats just can’t keep it together. We all know about how Biden is constantly making gaffes and truly bizarre (and inappropriate) comments. But Pelosi? Well, it looks like Pelosi […]

Rush Limbaugh Makes Biden Prediction – Says ‘Something’s Gonna Happen’ And Joe Will Vanish From Ballot

As time goes on, many Americans have speculated about Joe Biden’s “electability.” Democrats were worried about him, before the Tara Reade allegations. Now, it seems many are worrying if he can stand up against a candidate like Donald Trump. Now, Rush Limbaugh, one of conservative America’s top voices is making a bold prediction about Sleepy […]

“SHE WILL BE JAILED IN 72 DAYS” – Devin Nunes Condemns Hillary Clinton On Live Tv

IT’S OFFICIAL!, HILLARY CLINTON SET TO BE INDICTED FOR OVER 38 CRIMES It’s authentic, State Department simply closed the hotly anticipated examination concerning one time first woman and one time Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s private email utilization and discovered that more than 30 individuals where seen as blameworthy of various asserted infringement, this was […]

BREAKING: State Dept. Releases Phone Transcript Of Hillary Admitting She Knew Benghazi Was Planned Attack

“Benghazi matters. Not simply because Americans were murdered. Not simply because terrorists attacked a U.S. consulate. But because the White House and therefore the State Department have engaged in misdirection at the very best levels to hide up whatever happened there,” Rep. Jason Chaffetz, R-Utah, wrote in U.S. News. The Gateway Pundit reports Secretary of […]

Kimberly Guilfoyle Launches Plan To Shut Down Joy Behar and Whoopi Goldberg, Announces New Show To Keep Them In Check

Kimberly Guilfoyle and other high-level Trump campaign officials are finally hitting back at the daily nonsense from Joy Behar and Whoopi Goldberg. Who knows how those two are still on the air but their anti-Trump rhetoric needs to be answered and Kim, Lara Trump, Merceded Schlaap and Katrina Pierson aim to do that in their […]