President Biden is making the Republicans irrelevant

Joe Biden is clarifying what he means about “working with Republicans.” He means that if Republicans want to be part of the solution, the door is open. But if the Republicans just oppose whatever idea is proposed, then they would only be an obstruction and Joe Biden is not interested in people who want to be part of the problem.

During Joe Biden’s first press conference, he was asked by Univision’s Janet Rodríguez about the situation at the border.

“If I may ask one last question, have you had any talks with Senate Republicans who are threatening this administration with not considering the immigration legislation that was passed in the House until the situation at the border has been resolved?” Rodriguez asked.

“No,” Biden responded. “Because I know they have to posture for a while. Just for the guys to get it out of their system.”

As I see it, the Republicans are engaged in a losing game, as their supporters are seeing Joe Biden as presenting reasonable ideas and representing all Americans, but the Republicans are just opposing any idea that they hear. The Republicans have not come up with a good idea in a long time. Even Republicans swear to represent the American people, but if they are only representing their supporters, then they are not adequately representing their districts. Even worse for them, a lot of formerly red states are turning purple and have proven that a Democrat can get elected in those states. Voters are realizing that, no, the Democrats are not the enemy. But if the Republicans want to align themselves with insurrectionists, white nationalists or foreign governments, then they risk becoming irrelevant.

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