Nancy Pelosi Loses It On Live TV – Video Shows Her “10-Second Brain Freeze”

Joe Biden and Nancy Pelosi want to run our country, come next year. But they both have some serious communication problems.
It looks like the two (aged) Democrats just can’t keep it together. We all know about how

Biden is constantly making gaffes and truly bizarre (and inappropriate) comments.

But Pelosi? Well, it looks like Pelosi blew a fuse because she just had a brain freeze in front of the press.

Pelosi suffers 10-second brain freeze at beginning of press conference …

Pelosi suffers 10-second brain freeze at beginning of press conference
At the start of a recent press conference, Pelosi had a “brain freeze,” followed up with some embarrassing stuttering and some confusion.

She may look sixty, but Little Miss Speaker sounds well over ninety! Isn’t it rich that this woman often criticizes Trump’s weight and health?

et put her in front of the camera and she can barely hold it together!
This isn’t even the first time Pelosi’s had trouble communicating in recent months. There were times during impeachment and the relief bills debates that she didn’t look… let’s say, sober.

Honestly, what is going on with these Democrats? Are they just too old for the job? Or is Trump Derangement Syndrome frying their brains?
I’m no doctor, but it looks like these folks are suffering from something very real.

Listen, the truth is running the country is tough work. It’s stressful, even at its good moments.

We need strong, healthy, mentally fit people in Washington. Every time you watch Trump, you gotta marvel at his wit and energy.

But Nance? Eh… I’m not sure what gets her up in the morning.
But don’t expect the mainstream media to question her, Joe, or any other Democrat. They are so desperate to oust Trump, they’ll let vegetables run the show.

Which what they might end up with, if Pelosi doesn’t step down soon.

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