Atlanta Turns On BLM After Protesters Gun Down 8-Year-Old Girl: “Enough is enough, you killed an 8-year-old child”

BLM protesters had set up a semi-autonomous zone near the Wendy’s where a man was tragically killed by police in Atlanta.

Over the holiday weekend a mother was making a u-turn and crossed the barricade these protesters had set up.

They opened fire on the car and killed 8-year-old Secoriea Turner. That was the last straw for Atlanta Mayor Keisha Bottoms who finally turned on these protesters.

“Enough is enough,” Bottoms said. “Enough is enough. We have talked about this movement that’s happening across America and this moment in time when we have the ears and the interests of people across this country and across this globe who are saying they want to see change.

But the difference in this moment in time with the civil rights movement — the civil rights movement, there was a defined, common enemy. We’re fighting the enemy within when we are shooting each other up on our streets.”

“You shot and killed a baby,” she added. “And there wasn’t just one shooter. There were at least two shooters. An 8-year-old baby. If you want people to take us seriously, and you don’t want us to lose this movement, then we can’t lose each other.”

“The reality is this, these aren’t police officers shooting people on the streets of Atlanta,” she said.

“These are members of the community shooting each other – and in this case, it is the worst possible outcome.”

“They say black lives matter,” Turner’s father said. “You killed your own. You killed your own this time. … They killed my baby because she crossed the barrier and made a U-turn. You killed a child. She didn’t do nothing to nobody,” he said.

“They didn’t give us time to make a U-turn,” Turner’s mother said. “They started shooting at my car before we could even make a U-turn. Shooting my tires out, like why?”

“But black lives matter,” the father then said.

“Killing your own,” the father added. “You killed an 8-year-old child. She ain’t did nothing to not one of y’all. She just wanted to get home to see her cousin. That’s all she wanted to do. She wanted to get home.”

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